River Flow

River Flow

Painting Size: 12 x 16 Inches


Painting Type: Watercolor


Painting Surface: Canvas

  • Painting Care

    Long time exposure to direct sunlight will fade the colors in your oil or water color painting. For delicate mediums like watercolors or materials, UV protection on the glass won't be sufficient; these pieces should basically stay forever in an all around concealed spot. Hang watercolors in a faint corridor or a dim room so their splendid colors won't get cleaned out by daylight.


    You might want to dust your painting regularly, so that a thick layer of dust does not build up which will dry out the paint and possibly result in cracking and peeling. Do not spray anything on the work. Dust with a soft, dry cloth. 


    In the event that you want to transport the work, lay a level bit of cardboard, tangle board or comparative firm material over the front and back surfaces, and afterward envelop it by bubble wrap or styrofoam wrap. Do whatever it takes not to keep it wrapped up for a really long time as to maintain a strategic distance from moisture development which may make harm the work.

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  • Framing

    There are various types of framing with floating/hanging or directly mount boarding on canvas with no border and many more. Each has advantages and disadvantages. 

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